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Script Error - 1101

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I hate to rehash an old thread, but I never got an answer on this one and I need to get this straight. No way am I ordering anymore of these Maxtor units and their included software for our firm until I know that they can be used to run schdeuled backups overnight. PLEASE HELP!!


I defined a script (using EasyScript) to backup my workstation to a Maxtor One-Touch which is phyically connected (via USB2.0) to said workstation. I'm running XP Home. I'm having the exact same problem at two different locations so the problem can be recreated. Every time the script starts unattended, it dies with the error "Can't access Backup Set xxx, error-1101 (file/directory not found)" . I relaunch Retrospect and do an immediate backup to the same backup set with no problem. I've checked it and re-checked it. I don't log out of the machine when I leave for the night. The script runs fine when I launch it manually, but not when unatteded (at 10:30pm).


Also, if I go to My Computer I can see the 'E Drive' and it's contents, but if I go to 'Configure-->Devices' in Retrospect the Maxtor does not show. If I go to 'Tools-->Verify Media' it comes back 'execution incomplete'


FYI -- If I set the run time five minutes from now .. it works just fime, but for overnight .. no. And yes, I can open the catalog files one at a time and view the file properties.


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