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Device compatability

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An update. I managed to configure the drive eventually. However, during my first backup to a DVD+R DL disc I was given the following error message:

"Trouble writing: “1-Pictures to DVD” (1125908480), error 100 (device rejected command)". I then tried to restart the process again but Retrospect kept trying to erase the disc first, giving this error message:

"Couldn't erase disc, error 112 (can't erase/format media)", obviously, it's a DVD+R. I have now wasted 4 DVD+R DL's truing to get this to work. I thought that I'd be able to restart the backup to the same disc. Retrospect seems not to have made the DVD+R DL a multisession disc so I can't append it.

What's the problem. And how can I continue to use the disc which all have a small amount of information on them?





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The error 100 is not a good sign. Basically it means the device could not execute a command that Retrospect sent to it. Unfortunately that also means the media may no longer be useable.


Are you using Retrospect 6.0.204 with driver update 6.2 ? These are the latest versions as of today.




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