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No space left....I thought it deleted the oldest ??


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Maxtor One touch II for windows.


i apparently back up every morning at 5 am.


1. Discovered today that i have run out of disk space.


2. When i look for restore points, the retrospect window displays

nothing - I can see the calender and I can select dates, buit the window

on the righ tdisplays nothing


3. My restore point folder on the maxtor one touch drive has 130 Gb (the

hard drive is 300 gb)


4. I have other folders on the hard drive giving me a total of 279 Gb of

used space.


5. Version of retrospect = express for windows 1.0196




(a) how do i find my old resore points?

(B) I wish to overwrite my oldest restore points...how? I cannot find

this function within the set up.


many thanks in advance

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I have (almost) the same problem--I use my Maxtor One Touch II drive solely for backing up with Restrospect Express HD, and when it filled up, it simply lost all of my restore points. The calendar showed bold-face dates for days that should have had restore points, but they were all gone in the list on the right.


Removing and reinstalling all of the software had no effect--still bold dates but no listed restore points.


I have since reformatted the drive and started over, but my drive is once again filling up, and am wondering what will happen this time--will it remove old restore points like it is supposed to to free up space, or will it simply loose everything?

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Okay. Had to.


1. re-install the software again.


2. Changed the settings to 75% as requested.


3. Deleted half of my restore point files on my maxtor one toucgh drive


Still didn't want to play back up with me.


Then, I had to:


1. Delete the retrospect restore poin catalogue.


Still nothing




Then (!) I pressed the one touch button on the maxor drive and retrospect started repairing itself. It apparently has repaired itself....even giving me my latest restore points and is now working away in the background preparing a full back up of the system.


Long winded but it seems to work.

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After plowing through all of my drive space and crashing on my initial install of Retrospect Express HD, I have reinstalled everything, this time setting the backup to use only 75% of the drive.


It has been backing everything up well without any problems so far, but it exceeded 75% of the drive a few days ago, and hasn't done anything about it. Keeps on backing up, does nothing about old restore points.


I just deleted some old restore points manually to prevent the drive from filling up; this seemed to work fine and it reclaimed the disk space properly.


But it seems like the program is not accurately monitoring the space on the drive.


Any thoughts on how to fix this?

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