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Retrospect v6.5 Issue (NTFS & Mac Clients)


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Hi all,


I was wondering if you guys could help me out with a small problem. Currently i'm helping out a friend that has a small company and he has a couple of MAC OS 9 & 10 Clients.

Those clients are running the DAVE Client software (so it can connect to a windows XP machine).

The Windows XP machine has NTFS formatted disks, and is running retrospect v6.5 to backup the files. (yeah i know, they choose XP to cut costs)


Now the following issue arrives:

The mac clients are saving their files onto the XP machine. The XP machine is writing the DATA fork and the Resource Fork correctly unto the NTFS disk.


Question 1:

Is it possible that the retrospect v6.5 software can backup the Data Form & the Resource Fork ? If yes, how can this be done ?

We have tried in a simple test but if we a restore a file it looses the Resource Fork


Question 2:

They also have a Linksys NSLU2 with 2 * 160 GB Disks. If Mac clients write directly to those USB disks it also writes the Data & Resource Fork to thoses disks. So we can assume that those disk are formatted as NTFS in the NSLU2 Admin Panel. So is it possible to backup via retrospect on the XP machine, and run a backup job to copy files from the XP machine to those USB Disks (NSLU2) ?


Thanks for the help,


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So the XP machine is acting like a file server right?


I'm not sure about how DAVE works but I suspect it keeps the resource forks as regular files on the Windows machine. As long as you restore a file and its corresponding resource fork file everything should be fine. The easiest way to do this is to restore entire folders instead of indivudial files.


In order to backup the resource forks from a network volume you would have to mount the volume via AFP. Dave might be able to do this for you and let Retrospect access the Linksys that way.



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