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Error "vstorDetach: invalid handle"

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Multiserver 6.0.206 on W2k (all updates), Adaptec's AHA-294UW SCSI card (firmware updated), recent drivers (not sure that they're the latest and greatest, but don't fix what ain't broken), ATL PowerStor L200 8-slots DLT IV library, one drive (latest firmware, I believe).


Routinely, when Retrospect is exiting after the , last line in the log, after "Quit at [date/time]" reads:

vstorDetach: invalid handle


When I'm quiting Retrospect manually, it does not happen.


I've tested the backups, tried to restore some random files - everything seems to be fine. However, I would appreciate if somebody can tell me, if this message shows some problem I should be aware of.


Best regards to NateW and Irena - you're the greatest!

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