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Retrospect doesn't accept Backup DVD's


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I had a HeadCrash this morning so all my data is lost now. I bought a new hdd immediately and installed windows xp home.




Because I had a valid 30day trial version of Retrospect 6.5 pro for Windows I joined the dantz website for another trial version to recover my hdd. But they offered only their new version which is now 7.0. Do I have to use exactly the same version and type of Retrospect which I used to create these backups????




As I tried to rebuilt the katalogue of my backup set, the Media Selector says, there is an unknown media insertet and its locked too although I had configured the drive especially for this sort of media (DVD-RW).




So is there anyone around here who can give me a hint to that problem?




Thank you for all your help,




bye, Kurt




PS: I installed and updated my ASPI driver this evening, but there was no effect on it. Is it possible, that Retrospect distinguish between DVD-RW and DVD+RW?? This is my last idea before going crazy...


You are my last hope.

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if you have a retrospect created dr media, you do not need retrospect as a temporary version is installed by th dr process.


however, do not know whether the trial version dr will work.


when doing the dr, there are two passes.


the first installs a temporay os, but you should canel any attempt to restore at that stage, and reboot.


when you reboot, the dr will attempt to build a more complete os that should recognize your drives. at worst, you may have to load more drivdrs diring this build.


you should then be able to restore using the more complete temporary os.

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Thank You very much for the eplanation, but I can't follow your advise. Can you tell it again for a really retrospect greenhorn?




I didn't made a disaster recovery cd so I had to built up the hole windows xp to run retrospect. but now there is this problem, that I had to configure the drives. And I suppose, retrospect distinguish between the + and - dvds but on the other hand I configured the drive for dvd+r and used dvd+r to rebuilt the catalogue but it didn't worked at all!!!




I think, an important question is, if the versions of retrospect are totally compatible.




Would be glad if you explain your idea again, because i'm not that good in english. Thank you,





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Hi Nate,


I did exactly the way you said. But there is another thing to do: I called the service hotline and they told me to do a normal backup to check the possibility of recover data. So I just took some files to the new backup set and recovered them afterwards.

After this procedure my dvd drive recognized my old dvd backup disks!


Great day, great program!


Thank you for the important informations,



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