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Can't schedule regular restores from recycled backup sets


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I would like to schedule a regular restore job to automatically restore a selection of files from our rotating weekly tape backup sets. Seems simple enough, but Retrospect doesn't seem to support this. (Retrospect does let you automate restore jobs from specific, unchanging, backup sets but it doesn't work if the backup sets are recycled regularily and the snapshot dates change.)


There are several ways in which this might be done (if Retrospect could be made to do it):


1. If you could select an entire backup set for restore (rather than a specific snapshot within a backup set), and just use file selectors to pick what you want.


2. If you could program a restore of a specific snapshot within a backup set but have Retrospect ignore the date of the snapshot (which will change each time the backup set is recycled).


Does anyone know if Retrospect can be made to do any of this? (Also, although we're using version 6.5, version 7 doesn't seem to offer any greater functionality in this regard.)


Thanks - Ken

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Scripted restores are still tied to snapshots so a recycle is going to foul up the whole thing.


Have you considered using a duplicate operation along with your backups? You could duplicate the files you need to another location on disk and then duplicate them back later.




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Thanks but that doesn't get at what I want:


Ultimately, I just want to do a recycle backup to tape (on Saturday) and then schedule an automatic restore from the same tape (say on Sunday) - to a different location - as a way of testing the integrity of the tape.


Since the tape is sitting in the drive all weekend anyway, it wouldn't hurt to test it.

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