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Error -212 media erased

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I recently moved my tape drive and retrospect to a new server, I am running version 6.5.350. I reinstalled the software and created a new backup scheme. I erased all my old tapes and added them to new backup sets.


My problem is this;

Whenever a backup job starts it errors out with "error -212, media erased." I have also tried to recycle the media and I get "couldn't erase tape, error -212( media erased)."


I have tries everything I can imagine, any help would be appreciated.



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Running tape drives on RAID controllers is a well known problem. You will find that other backup software companies recommend against it as well. RAIDs and Tape use different transfer rates and synchronization types. As a result they don't play well together.


A cheap SCSI card for the tape drive should be fine.




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