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IP over FireWire, Retrospect and Mac OS X 10.2 & 10.3

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This is driving me nuts. I have an Xserve running OS X 10.2 Server with an Xserve RAID connected to it. The Xserve has two NICs that connect it to the network.


I also have an old G4 AGP running OS X 10.3 with Retrospect 6. The G4 is connect to the Xserve by way of IP over FireWire.


When I run the backup scripts to backup the RAID volumes on the Xserve everything runs fine, at first. The data transfer is something like 870 MB/m at first. Once the script runs the first time, the FireWire connection gets screwed up. If I try to run the script again, the transfer time drops to 42 MB/m. The only way to fix the problem is to restart the Xserve.


Anyone have any idea as to why this is happening or a way around it?


Thanks for all your help.

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