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Installation and uninstalltion Retrospect 5.6


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I've tried installing Retro Express 5.6 on my PC with windows 2000 from a CDR which came with the external hard drive I purchased. I installed the program as Administrator.When i tried to run Retro Express 5.6 as another user i got an installation error.


Next i tried to uninstall Retro Express 5.6. This was not possible, i got also an installation error. Now i made an manually uninstallation found in DAntz Technical Memo P008.


The result was, that i can't reinstall Retro Express 5.6. The installtion wizard started, i was asked for the installtion path, he begans with copying files and after a few seconds he tells me the action turned back and the installtion ended. I think its a message from the windows installer. Who has an idea how i can install Retro Express 5.6 in this case.





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If you are receiving errors when installing Retrospect 5.6, complete the


following steps:




1. Move your Retrospect preferences files (config55.dat and config55.bak)




your Windows desktop. These are located in the Retrospect folder at Program






2. Uninstall Retrospect 5.5 from Add/Remove Programs, or by using the 5.5






3. Open Regedit by typing "Regedit" into the DOS prompt, or start it from


the Run menu.




4. Search for and delete any registry keys and folders containing "Retro".


Do not worry about any lagecy registry entries.




5. Reinstall Retrospect 5.5




6. Return the above config55.dat and config55.bat files to the Retrospect







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