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Where can I find doc's on putting Express on two(2) laptops


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From various sources I did the following:

1. Partition Disk into 3-parts:

a) Office 70G NTFS E:

B) Home 70G NTFS F:

c) 4Unix 20G FAT <no drive assigned>:


2. Duplicate Disk to Office volume (E:)

3. Deleted Previous Catalog

4. Create new Catalog

5. Do a full Backup onto Office volume.


Question: When I installed the Maxtor drive the first time I thought

Retrospect was installed on the Maxtor drive. Should I install Retrospect

again on the Office (E:)?

Question: When I install on home laptop will the install process install

Retrospect prompt me to choose the Home volume?

Question: Is it a good idea put the backup set and the duplicate disk

on the same partition?


Thank you,


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