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Security and network volume backups


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I am not having success with backing up network volumes. This is on Windows XP SP2 on a laptop, using NTFS, backing up network volumes to a Seagate Travan 40 tape drive. I belong to one Microsoft Windows Network workgroup but need to backup data from several.


In the Configure/Preferences/Security I am entering my laptop's user name (which requires no password for logging in) and the computer name as entered under Control Panel/System/Computer Name. The values are accepted, but after exiting Retrospect and restarting, it gives me:

"...could not be started under the specified user account (computername\login_name) and is running under Local System instead...". Alternatively, using the "Run Retrospect as the logged-in user" gives me the same problems that others have had with error 1017 (permissions...).


Version is 6.5.350 Professional. The firewall is changed to allow 497 TCP/UDP. For a test, I have added a "login as..." login to one of the network volumes under Configure/Volumes. What should I look at next?


I have read the manual regarding 'clients': do these also need to be installed for this set up to work?

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Install clients on the network machines and log them in using the configure->clients screen. Then the backup will go smoothly and you won't have to mess with Windows file sharing any more.


FWIW put the admin username and password of the _machine_running_Retrospect_ in the security preferences. Not the network machine.




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