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Remove certain files from a storage set

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I am a new viewer and first time poster.


I have Retrospect 4.0 running on a Mac G4 server OS 9.0.4 backing up to 4mm tape.


I have storage sets going back to 1997 and need to remove certain files of a sensitive nature from these storage sets but would like to keep everything else.


Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

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I tried to do a storageset transfer to a file but got a an error 'Can't add that much data to StorageSet. Limited to 2.0 G total'. I am using Retrospect 4.0.


I think the best way for me to accomplish this would be:


1. Buy Retrospect 6.0 (Desktop Edition) which would get me Retrospect 5.1 (I believe) for running on OS 9.

2. Buy a Firewire DVD Burner and then do a storageset transfer directly to DVDs.


I believe that by upgrading my Retrospect I would no longer get the 2.0GB error. Burning directly to DVD saves a step (instead of transferring to a hard drive and then back to tape).


Your thoughts?




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Excellent plan.

You could download the trial version of 6.0/5.1 and get started immediately if you like. You will have the added benefit of making sure Retrospect 5.1 supports your DVD drive before you buy. Being 18+ months old, 5.1 supports a limited number of DVD drives.




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