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Restoring from different DVD drive than backed up


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I am running Retrospect Backup 6.5.343, and bought two EZQuest Boa DVD USB drives (recognized by retrospect as Pioneer DVD-R) because they included restrospect express. All I was trying to do was to backup to one of the drives on one computer and restore from the other DVD drive on another computer.


Retrospect express 6.5.342 is running on both computers with the attached DVD drives, and I understand about moving catalog and configuration files, which I have already done, and which correctly show all of the backup scripts, etc.


I can backup and restore fine to / from the first EZQuest drive, however if I try to restore a backup set written by the first drive with the second drive, I get an error that the media is incompatible. Retrospect recognized, successfully configured and was able to write and read on the second drive as well.


Any idea why I cannot read a backup set from an identical drive and Retrospect version as the one on which it was written?




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These drives are probably natively supported in Retrospect. That means you don't need to run auto configuration. The auto configuration files are likely what is causing the problem.


Install Retrospect driver update 5.4 on both machines http://ftp.dantz.com/pub/updates/rdu54.exe


Then remove any .rdi files found in the following folder d:\documents and settings\all users\application data\Retrospect.




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