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Retrospect 7.0.265 retrieve/restore using session contents bug?

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We may have discovered a bug with Retrospect 7.0.265 when trying to use a the 'view session contents' to retrieve/restore specific files from a backup set. Can anyone else please confirm. Details below...



- Dell PE2650 (2Gb mem, RAID1, Adaptec 3940 SCSI, Windows 2003 Server, Retrospect 7.0.265 multiserver & addon value packs, RDU update

- Compaq/HP MSL5026S2 tape library (SDLT160)



1. Select Configure->Backup Sets then any current backup set with data (eg. Month01)

2. Open the backup set properties and select Sessions tab. Highlight a session and click on Browse...

3. In the session browse window, hightlight a file/folder and click on Retrieve (Ctrl-R)


This is where the bug occurs. After clicking on the Retrieve button, the Searching and Retrieval windows appear BUT in the Files Chosen field, no files are listed. Every other field is correct such as Sources, Destination, Search method but no files are selected. I have test this with folders, single/multiple file selections without success. Been using this restore feature since version 5.5 of Retrospect without any problems until now. Have not tested with any older build versions of Retrospect 7.0.


Currently I have to use the Retore wizard method to restore a single file, takes a lot longer to browse the catalog though.



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I think this is normal.

You cant restore files and folders from the backup set properties window. You will only be able to retrieve snapshots.


Try this:

Retrieve a snapshot of a source volume in the backup set properties.

Run a restore from the restore menu on the left side of the screen in Retrospect.


Do you still get errors?




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Using the restore menu on the left side of the screen in Retrospect will work but takes a lot longer, in the order of 10x when working with large catalogs (1.4 million files). As I mentioned, the restore/retrieve feature using session browsing has always work since version 5.6 - 6.5. It seems not to work reliably in version 7.0.265. I did some more tests and it seems that for small catalogs (approx < 800,000 files), the feature work, but for larger catalogs, it does not work.


Have been reading other posts in relations to version 7.0 and large catalogs where the disaster recovery feature does not work properly. Maybe version 7.0 has problems with using large catalogs? Even though it can back up to 4 million files in a single volume, it may have problems accessing them?


Hope the Dantz tech support people are reading this...

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