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Library not recognized

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I've got a Dell 1550 running W2K server with a Powervault 110/120T DLT drive for backup. I've got Retrospect Server 6.5 and the latest device driver.


When I view the Storage Devices, the Library comes up on top and the actual tape drive below. What this means is that for some reason Retrospect or the system isn't recognizing that the library is a subset of the tape drive. The end result is that I can't swap tapes.


It's worked fine in the past, I'm not exactly sure "what changed" to cause this problem. I've searched all over the net for solutions, but nothing's come up. I've tried going into the "secret" retrospect preferences and changed "Use NT SCSI Passthrough" to no avail.


I'm literally banging my head against a wall here.


Thanks in advance for any help!


Charles McIntyre

Instructional Computing

UC Santa Cruz

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