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Drive Won't Wake Up


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I have a maxtor one touch drive (USB) and have set my software (retrospect 6.0) to backup the drive every night at 2:00 am. The operating system is XP Home. This used to work fine but now it does not work properly. The program will load at 2 am but it won't run until the computer is manually taken out of standby by moving the mouse. When I come down in the morning the splash screen is on and the program is waiting until it can see the drive. After the computer comes out of standby the drive wakes up and the program does a normal backup.


I tried setting power management for the drive so that it does not power down but this did not seem to help.


This used to work fine until I had a hard drive failure a couple of weeks ago. I have succesfully restored my data but now I can't get the program to run when the computer is in standby mode.


Any suggestions are appreciated.

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