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Media not found

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Hello everyone!

I am running into a strange behavior to where my scripts seem not to be able to find the media.

I have been running normal backups for a bout 2 months and everythig was fine. I rotate 1 scrpt per day per tape (14 tapes - 2 weeks) where each script has only one memeber tape. I'v been having to erase the tapes and re-add them as a new member (using the same name) and then scripts will execute just fine.

Again this seems to fix the issue for a about 2-3 executions and same issue appears.

What could be causing this problem?

I have cleaned the tape drive and even used new tapes but success!

Thank you for any advice!

All the best!

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Using "recycle" backups is a much better way to go about this. Manually erasing tapes can really confuse Retrospect. More importantly it will make your backups incomplete.


I suspect the manual erase is what's causing problems. What tape does Retrospect ask you for on the failed backups?




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