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No data being backed up, but no error either


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Retrospect does not seem to be backing up SQL databases. In the backup job setup, I have entered the sa account & password, and the authentication works properly. When the backup job starts, it successfully enumerates all of the databases on the SQL server, and it attempts to backup all of them, but the log shows the following information for each database:


-    3/7/2005 6:42:37 PM: Copying TAMUQ Training on data

             Backup type: Differential

     3/7/2005 6:43:00 PM: Execution completed successfully

             Completed: 1 files, zero KB, with 0% compression

             Performance: 0.0 MB/minute

             Duration: 00:00:23 (00:00:19 idle/loading/preparing)


I know that these databases have changed since the last backup. Why is Retrospect not backing anything up? (And I've read the latest memo on only doing full backups to disk-based backup sets; once I can get it to actually back up something, I'll modify the scripts...at present, this problem occurs regardless of the backup set type.)

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Hmmmmm. This is an odd one.


Type CTRL + ALT + P + P to open up the hidden Retrospect preferences window. Turn up trees and volumes logging to 7 and run an incremental backup. Your log should have a whole bunch of debug information in it. Do you see anything that looks like a failure or error?




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