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Retro 7 uninstall problem


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This problem gets more involved.

1. Started out with system/Retrospect 7 Not recognizing a WD external 80GB drive.

Turns out that most of my USB2 ports on my new COMPAQ desktop have gone bad.

Installed a USB 4 port PCI card and that problem is fixed!

2. In the process of trying to troubleshoot #1 I tried to UNINSTALL retrospec 7

[with idea of going back to 6.5]. 7.0 would NOT uninstall. I proceeded to delete

all related files including a REGEDIT deletion of any RETROSPECT reference. Did

a new install of retrospect 7 and get error msg from INSTALLSHIELD: 1067: unable to install

InstallShield scritping runtime. Search of last years msgs indicates no 1067 references.

Any ideas?


BTW: none of the WesternDigital drives are listed in the supported drive index. Strange.

since Retrospect 6.5 ships with unit!

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