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What to do when back up disk gets full with easy script

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At present I have an external hard drive that I back up with retrospect 6.0


I have set up an "easy script" to do this. The first time I run easy script it takes 7 hours. After that the incremental backups take 1/2 hour.


Eventually, the disk gets full and retrospect tell me to pick another medium.


At the present time I just delete everything on the external drive and run easy script again to start the cycle over.


Is there a better way? Is there anyway to set up easy script to recycle once the disk gets full?




Peter Brooker

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Try looking at the grooming option under the backup set properties. You can tell it to keep only the last x number of backups. Just set it to something equal or less than the number of days that your backup usually fills up. This of course does not address any kind of offsite storage for disaster recovery.



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I have a similar problem, but do not understand Mark's answer. I have backed up a 100GB drive that is 75% full and done so maybe 50 times. Now, all at once, I get the message that the 150GB backup drive is nearly full and I need to provide "new media" or some such message. I vaguely recall a wordy choice I saw at the outset when I understood even less about using the program than I do now...something to the effect that if I did not choose the correct setting that the drive would fill up.


After backing up the source some 50 times to the target with no problem, I assumed I must have made the proper choice, but apparently I was wrong since I now seem to have the problem. I cannot, however, find anything in the help etc. that pertains to that subject so cannot check the setting choices now.


My version is 6.5, but I don't find anything about a "grooming option" nor even see a place to access the "backup set properties". If that is what I need to do, Mark, can you please be more specific and give instructions for a neophyte?

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In Retrospect 6.5 your only options are:


A) Add a new disk to continue the backup on




B) "Recycle" the backup set.


"B" is the best choice. Go to the "Run" menu at the very top of the screen in Retrospect. Select your script, select recycle backup and run the backup now. This will erase everything in the backup set (empty your backup drive) and start again from scratch.




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