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Not enough memory


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Archive's decided to stop working last week w/ the following error:

From Retrospect: Script "2005" failed during automatic execution, error -625 (not enough memory). Please launch Retrospect and check the log for details


The log shows the following:

3/9/2005 11:07:25 PM: Copying b_jobs01 on

TMemory: heap 32 493 K

virtual 7 373.5 M

commit 373.5 M

purgeable 0 zero K

Pool:pools, users 3 15

max allowed mem 614.0 M

max block size 8,192 K

total mem blocks 1 8,192 K

used mem blocks 1 8,192 K

file count, size 0 zero K

requested 39 355.0 M

purgeable 0 zero K

avail vm size 1,652,035,584 B

TMemory : : mhalloc: VirtualAlloc(354.5 M, MEM_RESERVE) failed, error 8


This error shows in the log 14 times before it skips and moves on.


My setup is as follows:

Retrospect version 7.0.249

P4 3g

2.3g Ram

Win 2000Pro

DLT Surestore 4000 autoloader


I am backing up 1 snap sever 4500 with about 480gig's of data.


The full backup finished but every incro backup fails w/ the above. Any ideas of what I need to do?



Jared Lyvers

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How many files are on the snap server? Size doesn't matter, its the number that will cause problems. 4 million files per volume is the practial limit.


How much free disk space is on the backup machine? Retrospect will swap heavily when large numbers of files are being backed up.




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the volume does not have over 4mil files. is has a total of 388211904 files. The archive server has 70gigs of free space on the drive.


I even broke out each main folder into seperate sources to Retro would look at each as its own volume. The archive still fails w/ the same errors.


I started a ticket w/ Dantz but have yet to hear back from the. I sent my log file to them last Friday and sat on hold of over an hour on Monday to no evail.


Any help would be welcomed.


just trying not to go back to CA product.



jared lyvers

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