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Assertion failure at "module.cpp-1059"


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I found a Retrospect driver update for Retrospect 6.0 (Win) version 3.9.106 that I thought would work with my version of Express. I renamed the old driver and followed the instructions for installing the new driver. When I tried to open Retrospect I received the above listed error message. I changed the drivers back to their original state and still received the same error message when opening Retrospect. I rebooted, renamed the backup config file as suggested in Tech note 307 and still received the same error message.


This error message does not appear in the listing of error messages on the support site. I have added no new devices to my computer since the backup that I did on 1/31/2005, however, Windows XP SP2 has downloaded several automatic bug fixes and installed them. The version of retrospect that I have came with the Maxtor OneTouch hard drive. Does anyone have any idea on how to correct the error message and get my software running again?

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We are having the exact same issue.

OS: Windows XP SP2

Device: Maxtor One Touch

Error: Assertion Failure At "module.cpp -1059"


We tried the same driver update and got this error message.

We tried to rollback the driver to the previous version and are

still getting this error. Any ideas?



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