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problem executing normal backups/scripts


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i am using retrospect express 6 to backup the hard drive on two laptops. i have retrospect express installed on both laptops and i am backing up each drive seperately to a maxtor external hard drive. i am backing up as a 'file', and had no problems performing the first backup. for subsequent backups however, for which i have chosen 'normal', i don't seem to be getting anywhere, whether i go through the 'immediate backup' route or the 'script' route. either way, i get the main backup screen where you would normally monitor the progress of the backup, and there is a message 'preparing to execute'. then nothing happens (i have waited half an hour and still nothing) - the message 'preparing to execute' remains, and that's it. the same thing happens on both laptops.


can anyone suggest what might be going on here and how i could resolve it?





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Try going through these steps for your first laptop, call it Laptop1


Backup Procedure


Source: Drive C:

Destination: Laptop1 Backup Set A

Verification: Off

Backup: Scanning….

Select a disc to add as storage to Desktop Backup Set A: Your external drive \Proceed

Add New Member to Laptop1 Backup Set A: Advanced

Location for backup data folder: Browse

Click on folder icon

Please enter a name for the new folder: Laptop1 Backup Set A\Create



Repeat for your second laptop, substituting Laptop2 Backup Set A

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the way i was trying to set this up was to backup my main hard drive using the 'file' method, so the catalog file would be saved with all the data as one file (i don't need to split up the backup file at all). is it not possible to perform scripts on this kind of backup, as it seems neater to me have everything saved as one file?



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