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Library Dissapears

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We are running version 6.5 on a windows 2003 server, with an Overland 2000 twin sDLT drive 24 tape autoloader. My problem is this:


I can see the two tape drives and the 24 tape library fine. It all works as it should, untill I open the library's tape bay doors. The 24 tape library then dissapears from Retrospect, only to return after a server reboot. The two drives however stay visable.


The library and tape drves are always visable and functioning normally in Win2003 Device manager...




Rob Smith

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You must disable both the drives and the library in the Windows device manager. Retrospect has its own drivers. The Windows drivers will just get in the way.


You should also update to the Retrospect 7.0 trial. Retrospect 6.5 is no longer for sale.




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