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Purge / Groom a disc backup set

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Running Retrospect Multi Server 6.5.343 on an SBS 2003 server.


I've been backing up a number of clients using Proactive to a single disc set.


This has now reached it's maximum specified size of 80GB after just over a year of use. It has:


1 Member

1442 Sessions

27 Snapshots


What's the best method of clearing out some of the sessions? I'd like to keep the last couple of months of sessions but nuke the rest to free up a pile of space. Is this possible in 6.5? From searching I notice that v7 seems to have a groom feature.


Finally, is it a better idea to create a different disc backup set for each client? Would this have made this job easier.





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Functionally speaking the grooming feature in Retrospect 7 is the ideal solution. It will do just what you are hoping - remove only the old data and free up disk space. The only bummer is that you would need to buy the upgrade.


At this point your best bet is to start using a new backup set (or multiple new backup sets) until you don't need your current set any longer. Then you can delete the unneeded set entirely.




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