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Client reports - no accessible volumes on the backup client.


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Setting up clients using Retrospect 7 (Small Business Server). Accessing clients with TCP/IP - Multicast - Piton Name Service. (tried using Direct and Subnet). I've check the Firewall settings and tcp/udp port 497 is open.


In the Volumes Tab, I get the message "No accessible volumes on the backup client" - this remains true if I select "Client Desktop" or any other in the pulldown. I've tried 2 clients and both get the message.


I have enabled Windows sharing for the volumes, that doesn't seem to help. I get the impression from the manuals that it's just supposed to magically show all available volumes, but I guess I must have something misconfigured.

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I've tried installing as local admin (logged in to both the domain and the local computer - uninstalling before each try and restarting after each installation). I am able to connect to the client, but - alas - I still get the "No accessible volumes on the backup client"


For a test, I tried giving a drive permission to "Everyone", which didn't make a difference.


For a test, I installed the Client software on an OSX machine, and the drive list for that machine shows up. So I don't think it's a firewall issue on the server side.


For the XP machines, I have Port 497 open (TCP/UDP).


I've tried installing the 6.5 client as well as the latest 7.0 client with no luck.

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I was able to install Retrospect on a different machine and see the client drives. This led me to re-install Retrospect (using the version downloaded from the net vs the CD version - don't know that really mattered or not). Now RS on the server recognizes client drives.




thanks for the lead.

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