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retroeventhandler.bat stop your scheduled backup


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-- sorry for my english --




We've the necessity to have a email notification when every backup script finishes (with or without errors) because the server is 80 km far.

I configurated the retroeventhandler.bat script. For 1 mounths it works fine . But in the last 2 weeks it appairs something strange. The backup-script start, backup, check, but can't send a email to confirm -> a message appairs ( I have a jpg printscreen) that says "Executing external script ... script Retroeventhandler.bat event End script". The retroeventhandler.bat is the "original" in the email notifier folder, with the email and smtp server configurated - saved in the retrospect directory.

This message remains until I stop the message box: I understand that there is a problem because I don't receive a email, and the problem is retrospecteventhandler.bat. If I don't stop the message, the next backup script doesn't start.


I tryed to recreate the same problem with a workstation--> it's really a Dantz Retrospect problem.

For configurating email notifier I disabled the email notification in the preferences/ email (if you don't disable you can not receive an email for each event: successfull, errors, ...). Configure the retroeventhandler.bat with your email in the


kmaingroup=<"youremail"> and the kmailserver and the kmailsender.

Create a test backup script ( for example backup one folder) and run it (run / name of the script). If you try this, after 10 times you receive the message box "Executing external script ... script Retroeventhandler.bat event End script".

And your Scheduled activity doesn't start until you stop the message box!


We have at the moment one installation with retrospect. Our intention is to migrate other backup solution for others customers from Veritas to Retrospect ... but we want to be satisfied with Retrospect product & support, before.



Any suggestions?







retrospect 6.5 Single Server, Win 2003 Server, Dat72

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I mentioned this in another post but...


1)Retrospect 7 now includes email notification for sucessful backups and failed backups. You don't need to use the retroeventhandler with Retrospect 7 to get this information.


2)You might want to try the VBS event handler instead of the .bat event handler. Some people have better luck with that.




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