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Backup to iSCSI tape drive


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My setup:

Windows 2003

iSCSI initiator 1.06

Sony AIT2 Tape Drive connected to iSCSI switch (SanRAD V3000)

Retrospect 7.0 demo


My problem:

Retrospect recognizes the tape drive. However, when it comes the time to write (erase tape) to the tape I get error -209 (Hardware Error).


Any ideas? V7.0 lists iSCSI support, I wonder what exactly that means? Should iSCSI device be configured in certain way?




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Retrospect supports iSCSI but doesn't support all iSCSI tape devices. Only the devices that have been tested and approved by EMC Dantz will work.


What is the make and model number of your device? How does it show up in the configure->devices->environment window in Retrospect?




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