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How do I back up to multiple external drives?


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With Retrospect Express 6.5 for Windows, how can I create scripts and backup sets so I can back up to two external drives? I want to rotate one drive offsite each week. I set up one script and backup set on one of the drives but need to have the script recognize the second drive when it's connected and do the backup automatically to whichever drive is connected, without user intervention.


Thanks, in advance, for your help.


--Art Saffran

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Its easy actually:

Create two backup sets - save one on drive A the other on Drive B

Add both backup sets as destinations in your backup script

edit the script schedule to use drive A one week and Drive B the next. You can do this by setting the weeks box to "2" and having the start dates of each schedule be one week apart. The "2" means every other week.




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