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Maybe there is a way, which I don't know, but often I wonder about the following:


- when I search for files in a backup set, I can find the file, but cannot gather the retrospect client name.


- Sometimes I'm scanning for big files using selectors, but I cannot see where these files are located, and the browser windw is just selecting matched files, rather than displaying the matching files and filtering everything else out of the view.

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When you do a search you can add client name as a search criteria. For example:


File name matches myfile*


client name matches myclient


This will find any filename starting with "myfile" that was backed up from the client named "myclient"


Click on the button just to the left of the dropdown menu at the top of the browser window. This will give you a list of just the files that were selected by your search. You can then right click on each file and choose properties to see the client and path.



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