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Error 1101 Can't access registry (file/directory not found)


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Error Message


Can't access registry for "S-1-5-21-1482476501-854245398-1708537768-1003",

error -1101 (file/directory not found)



I am a new user of Retrospect 6.5 and would like to use it for disaster recovery but I am getting errors during the backup related to my UserAccount and I am not sure if backups are intact and complete.


Backing up individual folders to my USB HDD drive and CDR works perfectly but when I try to do a full backup of drive C: I get the above error message and some file verify errors associated with Norton antivirus 2005 directories (mostly time differences, 1 file content difference). The backup seems to complete OK though and I haven't tried a restore.


It is a fresh XP HOME SP2 install with all updates. Retrospect 6.5 with latest update. There are no errors on the drive by chkdsk. Norton Ghost 9.0 was on the machine but it was removed because it had CD burning issues. Framework 1.1 from NG9.0 was left on the system during Retrospect install.


I have checked which user account the above error maps to and it is my active account which has full admin rights BUT it is not the admin account that shows up in Safe Mode.


What can I do to fix these errors?


I could recreate my account?


Repair install of Retrospect?

Disable Norton using MSconfig during backup (turning off autoprotect doesn't help)

Msconfig regfix?


Glenn Soltes

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