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1017 Error backing up local data to network file


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I backup my laptop to a file on my desktop system.


Sometime in the last month it has become impossible to do a normal backup to an existing file backup set.


The sequence of events is as follows (all operations are run manually)


1) Create a new backup set on a network path, specifying the destination as a UNC

path (\\host\share). This works fine and creates the backup (about 3GB).


2) Attempt to run a normal (i.e. incremental) backup. The first time I try this it

fails with -1017 Insufficient permissions.


3) Subsequent attempts to run a normal backup or even open the backupset properties give a different error:

The catalog file is damaged and cannot be used


HOWEVER, examining the file modification date/time shows that the file has not been modified

since it was created.


What's going on?


System Info:


Dell Latitude C840

Win XP Pro SP2 with all current patches

512MB memory


Desktop (backup destination):

Win XP Pro SP2 with all current patches

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What version of Retrospect do you have? If this is 6.5 you need to set the security preferences to be the administrator of the machine running Retrospect.


What is the format of the destination disk? It must be NTFS or you will run into file size limitations.




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I have it set to a userID that is in the local administrator group on the

machine running Retrospect, and the parameters for the backup set

specify a login ID on the remote machine that has local admin on the

remote machine.


The 1017 error refers to the file backup set on the remote machine.


Remember that I am able to CREATE the backup set and write the

first backup to it. The error doesn't start happening until I attempt to

ADD to the backup set.


Here is some more info:


1) I have upgraded to R7 and still have the same problem.


2) I have tried using both a UNC path and a drive share path, with the

same results.


3) I have confirmed that the remote userID I'm using is allowed to read and write

to the target path, both using a drive share and "My Network Places"

from with Windows Explorer and a command line window... i.e. I can

create, append to and delete files using normal Windows functions.


I suspect the 1017 error is bogus and some other error is actually occurring.


Is there any sort of debug/trace log that I can turn on to get more detailed

error information?

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1017 occurs when Windows sends an access denied message to Retrospect. In other words - Windows is reporting there is an access problem.


Does this same problem occur if you use a disk backup set instead of a file backup set?


Are your incremental backups run automatically with a script or are you starting them manually?


Do you have the same problem if you configure logon settings for the network volume on the configure->volumes screen?




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