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Problems with Script Backup


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i've got a customer, which have big Problems with Retrospect 6.5 Server on a Windows 2000 Server machine.

The customer is using a internal dds4 SCSI TapeDevice, and have several scripts for each day, to backup a recycle Backup to tape.


The Database which is running on this machine, is shutdown one hour before scripts start.


But when the User comes at the morning, looking at Retrospect, it says there about 1,6 GiB more to backup, please insert next Tape. Unfortnatly, the amount of data which is backed up, would fit more than two Times uncompressed on a DDS 4.


If the User runs the Script manualy in The morning, even with running Database, all files are backed up correctly! I've updated Retrospect to latest available version. The first days it worked fine, but now there is the same problem again.


Is there any solution out there?



Christian Baumgartner

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Be sure to disable the windows driver for the tape drive in the Windows device manager. Retrospect has its own driver for the drive that can conflict with the Windows driver.


Also make sure you have the "automatically reuse pre-named media" preference checked.




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