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I have a user here at the University of Cincinnati that is using Retrospect for network backup of faculty/staff computers.

The server can muticast find to find client within the same subnet as the server.

It can not discover clients in any other subnet. He has the server configured to discover in other subnet but it does not find them.

F.Y.I. We have Cisco CAT6500 with Sup1a at the distribution layer.

He can place the users IP of the device from another subnet onto the server and it does work but over time the number of client could increase thus adding additional server administration.


Is there anyone I can speak with to troubleshoot this issue.




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Do you have to use broadcast? I use multicast here across subnets and vlans and it works great. you need the following configs in the cisco box:


ip multicast-routing


and for each subnet/vlan interface, first they must be routable, and:


ip pim sparse-dense-mode


its pretty light on network overhead too if you let the cisco box do igmp snooping

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