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restoring mailbox


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I am using retrospect 6.5 to individually back up our exchange 2003 mailboxes. I have two back up sets, backing up daily and set to recycle every other week.


I tried to restore a mailbox for a user, following the restore procedure for mailboxes, and when i do, it shows that there is 738 Mb in the mailbox backup. The problem is that when i tell it to restore it only restores the data from the previous days backup. So i only get a partial mailbox after it is restored.


Is there a way to "force" or to make sure that all 738 Mb get restored?

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It sounds to me like you are doing incremental mailbox backups that are out of sync with your recycle backups. As a result some of the mailbox data was deleted with your last recycle.


Exchange and SQL backups use the built in Microsoft APIs for backup. As a result they do not use the progressive backup technology that Retrospect uses. Its a good idea to schecule a full exchange and mailbox backup every time you recycle a backup set so you always have the data you need.


Retrospect will do a mailbox restore using all the available pieces of the mailbox backup. There is no need to force it to do a full restore. If there are peices of the backup missing Retrospect will just restore what is available.




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