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Is 6.5 Duplicate (all files) of C: enough for disaster recovery?


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I got Retro Exp. 6.5 after buying WD 160GB hard drive. This follows a 1 week process recovering from an unrecoverable system hang after installing SP 2. Fortunately, I had full system and software backup. But it took forever and was tedious.


I'm using Duplicate to WD drive so I can use Copy to restore system in case of major fail. (I know that Retro. needs normal backup to print Disaster Recovery instruction.)


Question is whether all needed system info. is captured.


My first Duplicate got 230 errors - files busy or system file changed mostly. And the size of resulting Duplicate file is 4000 files and 400MB smaller than the test full system backup I did to the save drive using Stomp's Backup MyPC software.


Found conflicting info. on KB and can't find written info. confirming that Express 6.5 does capture registry and balance of full system state.


Is full system state in Duplicate image?



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I believe the full system state is in the Duplicate image. I can see a lot of problems in trying to restore that Duplicate image however. As an example, let's say you download a program which causes your computer to lock up. Say you can't uninstall the program in question. Granted your Duplicate image is not corrupt. But copying all of your Duplicate image onto the original drive will not rid the original drive of those corrupt files, especially corrupt entries to the registry. Furthermore, if the directories in the original drive don't match exactly the directories in the Duplicate, I think you will have problems restoring all files to their proper directories.


The advantage of restoring from Backup is that a scan is made of your system. Files which don't match exactly the Backup files are simply deleted. Your system is returned exactly to its configuration at the time of the Backup.

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Thanks Nate.


Did an immediate backup, all files. I did not see an option to include registry/system state as described in tutorials for full Retrospect 6.5 version. Am I correct in assuming all system state data are included?


(Sorry to be redundant. My other backup software shows such in backup list and confirms backup of registry in report.)


Best regards, Jon

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The Backup feature will backup the registry by default. You can verify this by going to configure->backup sets. Right click on the backup set and click properties. On the snapshots tab you will see a snapshot of your disk. Right click on it and click on properties.




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