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Ornery laptop users & Backup Server

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Using Retrospect 5.x on a G3 running OS 9.x.




The desktops get backed up overnight. Since the laptop users come and go, I set up a Backup Server to run 9-6pm to grab the laptops as they come in.




The laptop users are all wirelessly connected to the network. This means that they're backed up at < 11Mbps, slow by comparison. Also, they notice a performance hit when the backup starts, especially if they don't click "Defer" when the backup starts.




Ideally, I'd have a backup server running during the day that would wait for the user to say, "Back me up now", but would never back up a laptop unless the user *asked* to be backed up. An improvement to this would be able to choose which laptops are backed up without asking and which ones must explicitly ask to be backed up.




I've read the whitepapers but I don't see a solution anything like this.




Anyone suggest a solution?

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