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elem.cpp-1000 Assertion


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I have a script called "databases" that tries to backup 2 SQL servers on a cluster of 2 machines. Whenever I run the script, I get an elem.cpp-1000 assertion, and a request to send Dantz a log file that claims to be generated, but isn't. Other scripts backing up windows, linux and solaris clients work (including backups of the drives in two machines [but not the SQL server processes] in question by another script).


I have searched the forums/knowledgebase/web/coat closet and found references to other elem.cpp-... assertions, but not -1000.


Retrospect 6.5 MS for Windows (and recently upgraded to 7.0, problem w/both)

+Value Pack

+SQL Add-On

both clients 7.0.106 for windows

backup to Cybernetics VTL device, seen by Retrospect as "Overland Storage Library".


Error generated every time...Retrospect shuts down...can't back up the servers...bad...





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Does this error occur is you select a single built in database as a source? Have you tried unlicensing the databases and logging them back in again?


Does NT backup have an SQL backup option? If so, try a backup there and see if you run into errors. This will help rule out corruption in the datatbases as the cause of the problem.




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