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Firewire device not visible


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I have been happily using Retrospect 6\6.5 for 18 months with Exabyte VXA-2 firewire on XP until last week when after bootup I got message about new hardware device found. Naturally I answered no until I found out what it was, as I knew I had not added anything. Checking devices I found the exabyte tape device with no driver and Retrospect would then not discover device. I re-installed v6.5 & made sure I had latest driver file with no success. I then download v7 trial with no more luck.


In desperation I relented & let XP install driver , even though I know Retrospect says to not do this, surprise, surprise still not recognised. Any ideas? Anybody else had this happen. How about if I pull out firewire card & reload?

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Make sure to apply any new firmware updates to the VXA drive.


Leave the Windows driver installed and also install ASPI using the ASPIINST.exe utility in the Retrospect program folder. That should sort things out unless there is a communication problem with the device.




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