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Looking at calendar changes script dates in Express 6.0???


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We have our Express 6.0 set to run a daily backup script for each day of the week on a Win98 SE machine, with a Maxtor External drive. If we open the Windows Time and Date and click on a date or a month in the future (even if we don't hit Apply) all the scripts advance to that date, and will not run again until that date unless we edit each script and reset the next run date. Please tell me there is a way to prevent this from happening other than never using the Windows calendar?? Also, I would still like to have our daily scripts simply copy the My Documents folder, and our Quick Books data file rather than backing them up, so that if we only need to restore one file, we can just copy it off the external drive, rather than restoring an entire backup. I can't seem to find a way run an automatic copy, only an automatic backup - is this correct?



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In regard to the date I'm not sure of a way around it other than to use a different caledar program to check dates.


You can restore individual files, folders or the entire system at any time. There is no need to backup seperately.


If you still want to backup or duplicate those files seperately you can set up separate scripts to do so.




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