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Device recognition problem


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I'm running XP Pro and Retrospect 6. I have a Maxtor 5000 external drive for backup connected by USB. I can go to my computer and see my Maxtor drive and the two partitions I have made on it using partition magic v.8. One partition is FAT32 and the other NTFS. From windows explorer or My Computer I can access the old backups on the Maxtor. At the moment I wish to delete (erase) all my old backup on the NTFS partition of my Maxtor external. I use Retrospect/configure/devices/environment but for some reason Retrospect will not list my Maxtor as a recognized drive. It shows my two internal hard drives, my DVD Rom, my CDRW and my media card reader but never my Maxtor External. I believe that I have the most current drivers from both Dantz and Retrospect but am not 100% certain. Why does Retrospect refuse to recognize the Maxtor and how do I rectify the problem?

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