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Retrospect run as a service

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Retrospect needs to run as a service (especially on multi-server) so that when I connect to my backup server through terminal services, I can run an instance of Retrospect and see what's running.


Right now I have to connect to the server via Netmeeting and that has more limitations than terminal services.

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Starting a terminal service session into the server is not a problem. The problem is that starting a session without any parameters gives me a terminal service session with not Retrospect. If I want to see Retrospect when I connect via terminal services (or remote desktop connection), I have to connect with the following command: "%windir%\system32\mstsc.exe -v:<servername> /F -console" so I see the programs running in the console session. The first problem here is that I have to TS into this server differently than I do all of the rest of my servers. The second problem is that the physical console goes to a CTRL+ALT+DEL prompt once I TS into the console session and it doesn't return to the console once I logout of the TS session. Because of this, I may get a call from an operator on the weekend when she tries to swap tapes for me because she doesn't have the login info for this server.


If there is an easier way to get to Retrospect via TS without specifying the extra command line arguments, let me know.

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