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"backup software not running or not..."


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I recently installed Retrospect 6.5 (Express?) that came with a western digital media center external hard drive. The Western Digital Button icon on system tray was "red" instead of "blue" when I got home today. When I placed the cursor over it, the message said something about "backup software not running or not installed" (I think installed was the last word, but I'm not certain). I could not get the Retrospect software to open. I finally went to control panel->add/remove->retrospect 6.5 and chose "modify". The install wizard started up and the "repair" option was selected by default. After I finished the wizard the icon in the system tray turned back to its normal blue color. Any idea what caused this? I couldn't find anything on the western digital or dantz web sites about it.


Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for your reply. I suppose if I have to resort to unistall/reinstall, that means I have to go through the defective driver uninstall / driver upgrade install process again too. That was a painful process, especially since there was nothing in the box or the user's guide indicating the driver was defective mad.gif (although it is a well published fact on the support.wdc.com web site). The defective driver doesn't communicate with the external drive, but it conveniently rearranges all the icons on the desktop frown.gif .


Here's hoping I never see the problem again.



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I have a similar problem with my western digital hard drive with oem express v. 6.5.342

I run Win xp pro

I want it to back up the entire hard driv every day, but each day it list over 4000 errors similar to this:

File "C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache\pubprn.vbs": different creation date/time (src: 12/31/1979 6:00:00 PM, dest: 1/1/1980 12:00:00 AM)


How can I correct this?

I'm very new to Retrospect and was hoping it woul run with out too many hassels. no such luck yet

Please help!


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