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What do the run document contents mean, and can I change them to exert more control... like, when a run document is used to execute a script, how do I get restrospect to automatically quit after the script is complete? Every time I execute this run document, restrospect opens and stays open after the job is done...


----- This is my run document -----

Retrospect Run Document v100

Maxtor OneTouch



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Are you sure? I just got off the phone with Tech Support (because I'm having problems with autolaunching) and I asked if I could create a cron job to launch Retrospect instead of using RetroRun. He said that I could create a Run Document and make sure that Retrospect was set to shut down after running a script. Then, set up a cron job that launches the Run Document. He said I would get the results that I should be getting now.


But Retrospect will not exit after running the job?




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