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Duplicate DVD

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At the beginning of January we've started backing up to DVD as well as our AIT autoloaders. My question: is there a way that I can make a duplicate of each DVD that Retrospect fills? I'd like to take one copy home and leave one copy here. My small disaster recovery plan.


I've tried Nero DVD copy, but the copy was considered unrecognized content. I have restored from the original discs and I know that they're good. Anyone?


Server: 6.5.350

Multi-Server Value Package

Driver update: 5.2.106

OS: Windows 2003 Server

Drives: Sony AIT-SA300C and SA500C

USB Drives: External 2 BenQ USB DVDs




- Al

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You would need 2 DVD burners and would have to use the Retrospect transfer function from the tools menu.


A better solution might be to use a portable hard drive to take off site. You can easily transfer the data from your DVDs to a backup set on an external hard drive.



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