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Hey Retro Guru's hoping to get some help. I just confugured a Fantom Drive (DVD Burner) for Retrospect 5.1 for OS X Server, and am having some weird problem. I have used Retrospect for about 2 years and its worked fine with external drives and a SCSI Sony Tape Drive, but this seems a little trickier. I configure the DVD Burner and all seems good, when i go to do a test backup, sees the new disk and all. It starts to back up the data and just seems to freeze. The file was only like 4.3 MB just for a test, and no go. I know this drive is compatable (at least I'm pretty sure it was on the list). I was thinking mabye the preferences for the files was doing something, but this is the server I'm working on, so i dont think so. Any suggestions?


if you could email me at




Thanks brett.mcintyre@pip.com

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