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TMemory::mhalloc: VirtualAlloc - failed, error 8


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I am continually getting the following errors in my backup logs:


TMemory::mhalloc: VirtualAlloc(65.0 M, MEM_RESERVE) failed, error 8

TMemory::mhalloc: VirtualAlloc(65.5 M, MEM_RESERVE) failed, error 8


Can't save Catalog File, error -625 (not enough memory)


This has been an ongoing problem for me.

I called your tech support team and they recommended more Ram, so I purchased an additional 1 Gig. Still I have the error. In task manager it tells me I have ample memory remaining.

They also suggested decreasing the amount of data within the backup set, so I had to add additional backup sets (I now have six running at once), still I get the error plus now retrospect consumes all of the CPU, it constantly runs at 100%. Even when running with 3 backup sets it wants ALL of the CPU.


My server details are:

Retrospect Multiserver 6.5.350

Windows 2000 Server

Dual Xeon 2.4Ghz, 2Gb Ram, 6 x 300Gb SATA (16Mb cache) Hdd's.

I perform Backups to Disk and transfer to Tape Weekly.

Backup sets are recycled weekly.

70 clients


Please help.

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It happens on all six sources, however it appears to happen on one in particular more so than others.

There are ALOT of files and folders in this source (apologies for the lack of details, but at this moment I am unable to check as it is in use by the backup, if this info is still needed I will have to come back to you, let me know). The peculiar thing that I have noticed is that it occured immediatly, when starting the backup, on the very first server it attempted to backup. I have since moved this server to the end of the backup cycle and it still occurs on this server. The server has the latest client installed. Could there be a reason why the server itself could cause the error? The server itself is not by any means suffering from low resources so I do not believe the memory errors are refering to this particular server. It also has no more, or no less, content than any other server in the backup set.

FYI: I have approximately 12 - 15 servers in each backup set



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Its possible to start running into memory problems when you back up 1.8 Million files from a single source or more. Deep folder nesting can make it worse. If you have that many files, 2GB of RAM on the backup machine running Retrospect is a really good idea. You should also create a large pagefile 2GB+ and make sure the system disk is defragmented.




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