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How to make daily copies instead of backups?


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We recently got Retrospective packaged with an external HD for backups. We would like a daily copy of our Quickbooks company file, and our two Access Databases. At the end of the week, we would like to end up with a copy of each weekday's files, i.e. a copy of Monday's files, a copy of Tuesday's files etc. to be overwritten on each corresponding day the next week. I can get a backup script to run automatically each day (although it always prompts me for the location instead of running automatically) but I can't find a way to automate a copy each day. Is there a way to do this with Express, or do we need to buy the full version? We are running Win98 SE if it matters.



Scott Fuller

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If you are running normal backups (using the "backup" feature) any files that change will be backed up. That means your quick books file is already being backed up 5 times a week anyway. You can easily restore any of these past versions if you like.


You could also set up 5 different backup sets and have Retrospect backup to a different set every day.



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