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Pioneer 107D and Retro 6

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I'm using the -R media and started using the default configuration. It was reading/compressing the data off the hard drive and writing to the DVD concurrently. This resulted in a transfer rate of about 75 MB/min (about 1x). I'm using 8x media.


Next, I did a custom configuration with the same media and it is a little better. Now it does a read of about 100 MB of data, compresses it and then writes the data to the DVD. This results in an average transfer rate of about 145MB/min (about 2x).



1) what is the fastest way to configure a backup (compression, no compression, password, no encryption, etc.)?

2) is -R media the fastest to use with Retrospect? I've seen some posts with +R and I saw that the Windows driver seemed to work better with +R

3) is there a way to get Retrospect to read/compress and write concurrently (I mean, 20 years ago Unix using find | cpio and tcio was great at this)?



G4 - 600 MHz upgrade in Blue and White G3 with 133 ATA disk controller on the hard disk and Pioneer DVR-107D installed on the original disk controller (ATA 4 I think, which is well within the capability of the ATA 66 original disk controller).

640 MB ram

OS 1.3.7


Any help would be much appreciated,


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The default driver for Retrospect streams data directly to the disc using packet writing. The compression is also streamed much like our old unix friends. You may have faster results with +R media. Its worth a shot.


As you noted, drives with the custom driver collect 100MB of compressed data and then write it to the disc one chunk at a time with more common writing methods. The stop/start between writes and gathering the data is what slows things down the most.



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